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RTO compliance systems are a necessity in managing an RTO, I highly recommend using  ©NovaCore or ©NovaCloud CMS and ©PowerPro RTO TMS.


What is NovaCore Compliance Management System (CMS)?


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NovaCore’s Compliance Management System (CMS), is software that can be tailored to comply with any framework and to meet your organisational needs.

Using NovaCore’s unique Create Your Own (CYO) framework, you can manage compliance against any standard or condition wordlwide.

Ready-made frameworks and document templates can also be purchased, making managing your compliance even easier. Each CYO and Ready-made framework can be used independently or integrated with other frameworks.

The NovaCore approach to compliance ensures your organisation meets its regulatory requirements and obligations, and in the most cost effective way.

NovaCore is user friendly, flexible and scalable. It is equally suited to supporting a single user on a standalone PC or multiple users in a corporate network environment.  


Ready-Made Frameworks  

SRTO 2015, CRICOS, GTO, VQRA, ISO9001, ISO14001, AS4801, TEQSA, NSQHS, or any other regulatory framework worldwide

 System Outcomes

  •  Document & Records Management

  •  Compliance Tracking Against Relevant Standards

  •  Consistency of Process

  •  Responsibility & Accountablility

  •  Improved Communications

  •  Automated Workflow

  •  Security

Document Management Software

On Premises Version

Our enterprise level Document Management Software (DMS) can be integrated with the NovaCore Compliance Management Software (CMS) as well as your existing MS-Office applications to provide you with the capability to search for files, import existing policies, procedures, learning materials and folder structures, access them from remote locations (via VPN or Terminal Services) or access them through the in-built Intranet Document Portal, with provision for secured and non-secured access. You can even work on documents remotely and check them back into the system remotely using the NovaCore Private Cloud technology.   

The NovaCore DMS maintains a full history of changes made to all documents and automatically archives obsolete versions to ensure fast access to current documents whenever they are needed.

 Automation will help you to manage documents and ensure that each one is aimed at the relevant people in your organisation so that review and authorisation procedures are followed at all times.

 Showing continuous improvement for an RTO is effortless with powerful reporting included.

 The automation of version information embedded in all documents as well as the managed distribution of documents helps to increase confidence in your administration system and minimise the possibility of error. Ensure even higher quality and compliance in conjunction with the Compliance Management Software either using ready-made frameworks, or create your own framework in line with any worldwide standard.

 Core Functions

  •  Automatic Compliance Tracking & Management

  •  Complete Review, Approval process management

  •  Automatic Document Distribution

  •  Controlled Document Management

  •  Uncontrolled Document Management

  •  PDF Conversion

  •  Full Document History and Audit Trail

  •  Automated Document Status Watermarking

  •  Automatic Version Numbering

  •  System Unique Document Numbering

  •  Custom Document Text Fields which are globally controllable such as ‘company name’, ‘address’, or any other information that is common to many/all documents

  •  Many ISO 9001 compliant embedable document information fields such as ‘document location’, ‘approved by’, ‘approval date’, ‘next review date’, and more

  •  Configurable Document Filing Structure


  • Automatically track document review process

  • Eliminates all manual steps of the Document Life Cycle

  • Reduces the number of errors as a result of using the wrong version of a document

  • Easily find documents through searching by document number, title or key words

  • Increases traceability and accountability

  • Allows companies to “Go Green” by substantially reducing the use of paper

  • Increases efficiency by allowing employees to find documents quickly through searching on Document Number, Title or Keywords

  • Accelerates the verification, approval and distribution of documents

  • Keeps documents in a secure vault

  • Manages change management

  • Increases organisational compliance confidence by automating processes



What  is it?

Simply put NovaCloud is NovaCore in the cloud enhanced to work seamlesly in your browser on any device and from anywhere.


What  are the benefits?


In addition to all of the standard NovaCore features NovaCloud includes:
Create or upload and edit your Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents in your browser powered by Microsoft Office.
Backups are done for you.
Distribute your documents and webforms to the public or staff (via secure login) through your very own customisable Web Document Portal using a personalised URL provided by NovaCore.

PowerPro RTO is a Training Management System (TMS) designed to help your Registered Training Organisation (RTO) manage their records in an easy and effective manner. It can be used to easily distribute the web based courses. PowerPro’s RTO solutions are built from the foundation that our PowerPro Training Management System and can be deployed in a variety of configurations to match customer training needs.

Using Australian training terminology and being SRTOs 2015, AVETMISS, AQF, Quality Indicator, VET Student Loans, CRICOS and RAPT compliant, PowerPro RTO is the essential Training Management System for any training organisation or business involved in the delivery of training.

PowerPro also provides intuitive, user- friendly and web-based technology to manage every element of your PowerPro RTO Training Management System. PowerPro RTO are not just a training/student management system, they are customisable and comprehensive enterprise management solutions for international and domestic colleges.

PowerPro RTO Training Management System integrates with the USI Web Services and complies with the latest changes to funding requirements in the different States and Territories.

This platform helps to streamline your training operations while complying with industry requirements. PowerPro RTO is listed on both the USI Compatible Student Management System Register and the AVETMISS Compliant Software Register.
PowerPro RTO’s support team understands and speaks the training language.

Please contact me to arrange a consultation for either of these systems.